Get a Library Card

A library card is free to anyone who lives in Creek County with the geographical exceptions outside of the county of Basin, Cleveland, Terlton, Oilton, and the Keystone area (Coyote Trail/Round Mountain). A librarian may need to verify applicant’s location on a map.


A minor child must be able to sign their first and last name on the application form to receive a library card. To obtain a library card, anyone up to age 17 must have a parent/guardian/custodial caregiver co-sign the card. A parent, guardian or custodial caregiver signing for their child must provide the same identification as anyone applying for a library card.

Temporary Residents

It is at the director’s discretion to allow temporary library cards on a case by case basis.


Adults, anyone age 18 and older, must provide two forms of identification with one verifying current address. One single form of identification is acceptable if it provides a photo, legal name and current address. Only current forms of identification will be accepted.

Acceptable forms of identifications:

  • Driver’s license with current address
  • Vehicle insurance verification
  • Vehicle registration
  • Personal check with printed name and address
  • Student picture ID card or proof of current school enrollment.
  • Social security card
  • Medicare or health plan card issued by a federal or state agency.
  • Current credit card
  • Voter registration card
  • Military ID listing rank and serial number
  • Oklahoma County ad valorem property tax statement.
  • Utility bills or receipts postmarked within 30 days
  • Verbal confirmation from U.S.P.S. or Mannford City Hall

Conditions of Use

The borrower’s card must be presented each time to borrow library materials. A patron is not permitted to use another person’s library card. Library cards are valid one year from the date of the original application. Before a patron’s barcode number is revalidated, all registration information contained in the user record must be verified, and updated if necessary. All overdue material must be returned and all fines and/or fees must be paid in full before a borrower’s barcode number is revalidated.

A patron assumes full responsibility for all use made of the card. By signing the application form, the borrower agrees to comply with all library rules and regulations; to pay all fines; to be responsible for any loss or damage to materials; and to provide immediate notice of any change of address. The parent, legal guardian or caregiver who signs for a minor child is responsible for said child’s fines and/or overdue materials. Borrowing privileges will cease for both until restitution is made.

A replacement card will cost $2.00.

Confidentiality of Customer Records

Oklahoma law protects the confidentiality of Library Users’ Records (Title 65, Oklahoma Statutes, Supp. 1985, Section 1-105.  See Appendix I.) Patrons may ask for access to their own record; however, other individuals may not inspect a customer’s record except with the customer’s authorization or by order of a court of law. Parents of children under the age of 18 may have access to their child’s record.  Oklahoma State Law (Title 15 ssl3) defines a juvenile as a person less than 18 years of age.

Withdrawal of Parental Consent

The signature of a parent, guardian or custodial caregiver acknowledges responsibility for library materials checked out to a child. It is the policy of the library not to act in loco parentis, in keeping with the principles of equal access to information and materials for all customers. Therefore, the library will not restrict any customer, including children, from access to any type or class of materials nor from any information in the library, excluding internet information.

A parent, guardian or custodial caregiver who does not wish his or her child to have access to particular materials should discuss this desire and any restrictions with the child in the context of their parent-child relationship.

If the parent, guardian or custodial caregiver wishes to withdraw the acknowledgement of responsibility from his/her child’s card, the director will place a special message on that child’s record, so that no materials may be checked out to that card unless and until that child turns 18 and can assume responsibility for him/herself as a card holder at Mannford Public Library. The child’s record may be retained in the computer file for reference purposes, and may be reinstated at any time, either by the parent or signatory responsibility.