Using the Library

Want to know when your library books or movies are due or if they’re late? Get a text message or an email about the status of your library items. Let us know if you would like to add either of these benefits to your account!

Borrowing & Checking Out

  • You can check out up to five (5) items on one library card.
  • If a child is unable to qualify for a library card, the parent may check out an additional five, non-audio/visual items on his or her card.
  • You may place items on reserve. We will notify you as soon as the reserved material is available. Once notified, you have seven (7) days to pick up the reserved item.

Interested in a book, audio, or movie not currently owned by the library? Ask us about Inter Library Loan.

Renew Your Items

DVDs may not be renewed. All other library materials may be renewed two (2) times unless on reserve for another borrower. Renewal requests may be made by telephone or online.

Check Out Periods

  • Audios and CDs: 1 week
    Limit 2
  • DVDs: 1 week
    Limit 1
  • Books: 2 weeks
    Limit 5
  • Current Magazines: 1 week
    Limit 3
  • Older Issues: 2 weeks
    Limit 5

Replacement Fees

The borrower will be charged the full replacement cost of any video (VHS), DVD, audio, or CD that is returned damaged. A lost or damaged item may be replaced with a like item at the discretion of the director.


All books and magazines are $0.10 per day per item with a maximum fine of $2.00 as long as the item is returned in the same condition it was sent out. All audios, CDs, DVDs are $1.00 per day with the maximum fine not exceeding the purchase/replacement cost of the item.

Fines will not accrue on Sundays, holidays and any day the library is closed due to extenuating circumstances. All audio and visual* fines must be paid before additional audio and visual materials can be checked out. An audio and visual fine will not preclude the borrower from checking out books or magazines.

Fines must be paid before an item can be renewed.

Damaged and Lost Materials

Damaged, Repairable Materials

Fees for books that are returned damaged but repairable will be assessed based on condition of the item to a maximum of $2.00. Minor and repairable damage includes but is not limited to: slight tearing of 1 to 3 pages; stained covers; damaged or missing plastic book jacket or book pocket; damaged or missing barcode; damaged or missing video (VHS) cover; and erasable marks on the inside or outside of the book.

Irreparable Materials

Borrowers who return library materials that cannot be easily repaired or cleaned will be charged the library’s original cost of the item to be replaced plus a $2.00 processing fee. The patron may keep the damaged item after payment has been made. Materials damaged beyond repair will normally be assessed at the same rate as lost items.

Lost Materials

If a borrower cannot locate an item at the time it is due to be returned, the borrower should report it as lost thereby stopping the further accumulation of fines. The library’s original cost of the item to be replaced will be charged to the patron. Upon payment for a lost or irreparable item, a receipt will be issued. If within six weeks of the date of payment, the item is returned in good condition, the price paid for the item shall be refunded. Condition of the item shall be determined by the director. The processing fee is non-refundable.

A patron’s borrowing privileges will be suspended until fines, fees and replacement costs are paid. A patron may replace a lost or damaged item with a like item at the director’s discretion.

Internet & Computers

We provide several internet-ready computers for your information, entertainment, business and study needs. In order to use this service you must read and sign our internet use agreement. From time to time, we place limits on access as demand increases. Generally, we allow users a one-hour time allotment. If no one is waiting, we’ll happily extend your time.

Filtered Access

Our internet access is filtered. Adults have the right to request un-filtered internet sessions. All illegal behavior is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Copy Machine and Computer Printouts

If you use your own paper to make copies the cost is half price. Ask a librarian if you plan on making bulk copies; they may be limited. You can have up to five (5) free copies made out of reference books per daily visit.

We monitor the use of copy machine.

Black and white copies 8 ½” X 11”
Ten (10) cents per page, or per side of paper.

Legal size copies 8 ½” X 14”
Ten (10) cents per page, or per side of paper.

Color copies
.50 cents per side on regular paper.

Copies printed from the computer
25 per page for black and white and $1.00 for color.

Friends of the Mannford Public Library

Librarians will make copies for official use by F.O.L. officers in the capacity of F.O.L. functions, activities, programs, etc. and in accordance with the number of members and guests attending a meeting or function. Copy fees may be waived or discounted for non-profit or charitable organizations at the discretion of the library director.

Copyright and Fair Use

The copyright law of the United States governs the making of photocopies or other reproduction of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement. (Title 17, U.S. Code)